Gabrielle Englebrecht Joins Joe Pride’s Team

Trainer Gabrielle Englebrecht is set to become a Racing Manager for Joseph Pride.

Gabrielle has made a statement via her Facebook page today which reads:

“Around Christmas time I was offered a very good job as a Racing Manager for Joe Pride. Having known Joe for well over ten years and fortunate enough to have him as a mentor and gave me sound advice when it came to my own business and horses I have a real admiration and respect for him and I’m really excited to join his very successful stable. I WILL continue to remain licensed and train my own team on the small scale that it operates on now and give both my team and Joe’s team 110% commitment.”

“I will be a very busy lady however, but it’s a great opportunity and one that provides wonderful security for my future, the chance to work alongside one of the best trainers this country has got and take some of the pressure off trying to be a young trainer in the fiercely competitive environment of NSW. Training is my passion and I’m grateful to Joe for his flexibility in letting me chase the ‘training dream’ while I work for him. I am proud of what I have achieved over the last few years with my team and am by no means giving up on what I’ve poured so much work into.”

“Training horses in Sydney is a bit like climbing Mt Everest, instead of nearly killing myself to reach the top, I am just going to relax and enjoy the view from half way up now for a while! Thank you to my AMAZING clients who have been incredibly supportive and encouraging in this move and I will endeavour to continue to give their horses the same A grade care they have always been given and ensure that this move by no means compromises my commitment to their horse. I am very excited I get to share in the joy of winning in two stables now! 2014 is going to be a great year!”

An interesting move that will only strengthen the Joseph Pride team. 

Gabrielle Englebrecht (above)

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